New Pokemon X & Y Pokemon - Honedge

Jp. NameHitotsuki (ヒトツキ)
Type: Steel/Ghost
Classification: Sword Pokémon
Height: 2'07"
Weight: 4.4lbs
Ability: No Guard
First Appearance: Pokémon X & Y
This sword Pokémon was first shown in the Japan Expo in France during a special recorded message by Junichi Masuda. It was shown as unsheathing itself in battle from its scabbard
It is now known that Honedge comes into being when a departed spirit possesses a sword that once belonged to humans. It can use the blue cloth attached to its hilt as nimbly as an arm. Pokémon Trainers who carelessly take this blade in hand may find the blue cloth wrapping itself around them and draining their energy!
Known Moves
Swords Dance, Shadow Sneak, Aerial Ace

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